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Floor Care Advice

Luxury vinyl flooring (also known as LVT or luxury vinyl plank flooring) offers a wide variety of style options while maintaining durability and ease of maintenance. Available in tiles or planks, luxury vinyl flooring can mimic other natural surfaces for a fraction of the cost. It also has been gaining in popularity since it can be installed in places where other flooring types can’t. Luxury vinyl is waterproof and low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for high traffic areas.

Learning how to clean luxury vinyl flooring will save you from future headaches since a good cleaning routine is the best protection for any floor. Here are some tips on how to clean luxury vinyl flooring.

Sweeping or dry mopping your floors regularly helps protect against dirt and debris particles. Even though luxury vinyl is very durable, it can still be scratched, making floors look dull. If you have stains or spills, it’s important to clean them up immediately.